Thursday, June 28, 2012

#9 lake spillway pipe replacement

Last season, a number of sinkholes developed in the lawn area just below the spillway on #9 down to the main road bridge.  We used our backhoe to dig up the area and found that the 15" drain pipe was leaking a rather large amount of water underneath the pipe.  The hole still remained in the lawn and I told the staff to dig up the line to see the complete issue.  Skip dug up the line and found multiple failures up and down the line.  The complete bottom of the pipe had rusted and was separated from the rest of the pipe. Around 160' in total length.  The water that uses this line should be going to the small lake in front of #10 red tee box and ultimately flow into our irrigation lake.  Some of the water was making it into the lake but a lot of water was soaking into the ground creating additional sinkholes and possibly compromising the footings in and around the bridge on the main road.  We are currently digging up this line and will be replacing it over the next few days with dual walled hdpe pipe which will last past our life times.  

We had to cross over 2 small lines and luckily an 8" main went under the pipe.  Also, a number of wire bundles had to be exposed to prevent them from being damaged.  More pictures to follow.

Failed pipe that was leaking over flow water from #9 lake.

Additional issues throughout the full length of the pipe.  A 2" new irrigation line was pulled through the pipe during the installation in 2007.  Also, complete bottom of the pipe was rotten. 

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