Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July

I hope everyone has a great July 4th holiday.  Might be extended for some who are off through the weekend.  Yes, it is going to be really hot around the club the rest of the week but get our early and enjoy our conditions.  We are holding our own right now and working hard to keep things nice for the upcoming Invitational and the rest of the golf season.  Looks like a break is coming in the weather next week, at least out of the consecutive 100 degree range.  Appears we will not quite reach the all-time record for consecutive days over 100 but 10 is enough for us.

I believe Chef Rob has a couple of specials planned for this evening and a  Pig Roast(Mmmmm pig) planned for Saturday for everyone to enjoy. Sign up on the website or call and place a reservation.  As always, reservations help the staff plan for the members and guests who will be attending!.

The pool should be rocking as well throughout the week.  Betsy and staff will be working hard to providie a fun and safe experience.  Horticulturist Becky's landscape work at the pool area is looking really strong right now!  The pots are fantastic and the Crape Myrtles are blooming in all their glory!  Roses are doing well and the grasses are beginning to set off their nice display.  I also hear the Pergola is a smash hit as well!

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