Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mottled Fairway Look, Localized Dry Spots, Fairy Ring and lack of rain

Our fairways have taken on a mottled look in various areas based on lack of rainfall and other factors over the past two months.  One of the biggest factors is a condition called Localized Dry Spots or LDS.  I've discussed LDS in the past.  Click on the link for an explanation of LDS.  Basically, its an area of soil or sand that repels water or does not accept water as readily as other spots in a nearby surrounding area.  The pictures below show the difficulty in managing this problem.  We've sprayed a soil penetrant on our fairways to improve the soils ability to absorb moisture

Other factors include fairy ring which leads to LDS, sodium or bicarbonate build up from our city irrigation water, and irrigation coverage.  Also, in an effort to keep our soaring water bill costs reduced as well as being environmentally responsible, water has not been applied in judicious amounts.  As temperatures begin to moderate and more normal rainfall occurs, I believe you will see improvements in the overall look of the fairways.  In the meantime, enjoy the long ball roll!
The probe was only able to pull out a two" deep  plug from the LDS spot on #10 fairway.  Only about 1" of the plug had a fair amount of moisture.
Just 6" away, the area to the right of the spot above,  the probe was able to penetrate 6" with moisture throughout the plug.

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