Sunday, September 9, 2012


Preparations continue for the start of our bunker renovation/restoration project that is set to begin next Monday morning, September 17th.  Equipment has been reserved and put on hold from our suppliers. Large pallets of drainage pipe and fittings(approximately 6000 linear feet at this time) are being ordered and delivered this week.  

Sand will begin to be delivered either late in the week or early next week(700-800 tons to complete the project) as will pea gravel(200 tons) which will be stored in the back employee parking lot to provide easy access for distribution throughout the property.  Our staffing contractor is working to secure an additional 6 staff members to help us with completing our work.

Our sod producer has been alerted that we will be purchasing an estimated $ 15,000 in fescue and some zoysia sod.  The stump grinder will be in on Wednesday to grind away the stumps from the trees that were removed for the project and we then have to clear away the remnants.  We still have four more trees to remove before Wednesday.  I'm giving you forewarning that the two Oaks on #18 will be removed by Tuesday.    

Some late summer, early fall applications are being prepared such as slit seeding into the rough or bare areas. Soil temperatures are dropping to a point where we should spray our preventative treatment of large patch on our zoysia fairways, green surrounds and tees.  You can develop symptoms of the disease in the fall but the most severe or damaging time for the zoysia is at spring green up typically in late April or early May.  The fall application does help reduce the occurrence of the disease in the spring but does not completely stop it.   It does help to reduce the severity.  If not treated in the fall, the turf could be killed completely leaving a very weak spot of zoysia that might take a full summer to recover.  We do also spot spray in the spring when we see small outbreaks of the disease.  

Great that we have had some late summer rain to keep the lakes full and the irrigation system off.  Our water bill for this period will be close to normal this period which ends on or around September 13th.    For those of you that do so, you can now pray for the rain to stop and only occur in lighter increments over the next couple of months during our bunker project!  Less rain will slow the growth of the rough turf somewhat and will allow us to keep working everyday on the bunker project.  The rough has jumped out of the ground over the last 10 days and with illness and a rough mower mechanical issues, we have gotten a little behind with our mowing.  

Of course at the same time this week we have two tournaments on Monday/Tuesday, the Senior Ladies Two Day Championship on Wednesday/Thursday and the Echofest(Member-Member)Tournament scheduled for Friday/Saturday.  We will do everything possible to get our work completed and stay out of everyone's way even with this heavier than normal week of play.  Looks like we will have some evening mowing this week to stay up with our work.  

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