Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 34 Bunker Restoration Project, #4 Complete!

We were finally able to get #4 right side bunker completed on Friday.  Its been a long time since we started #4, 27 days since we had finished the left bunker.  Yes, change did finally come!

The staff completed both left bunkers on #4 on Friday and we trenched the remaining four bunkers left on the course, 3 on #17 and the last one on #1.  The staff cleaned out most of the soil from the bunkers on #17 in preparation for placing drainage in them early next week and the potential rain coming Sunday/Monday.

I hope we can finish the bunkers on #17 this coming week and all we will have left is #1 and the practice for Thanksgiving week.

#4 Bunkers COMPLETED!!

A longer view of the right side completed bunkers of #4.

Trenching and soil cleaned up on #17 front left bunker.

#17 left side rear bunker trenches.

Skip removing soil from trenched #17.

#17 right side trench line.

When Kye was shaping the right side bunker on #17, he came very close to the pipe and wiring that supplies the water for the green.  Skip hand dug a line and is burying the wiring back in place.

Skip using the mini-excavator to trench a short line out the right bunker of #17.  I used this machine over the last couple of days because of the wet conditions of #4.  
#1 bunker is similar to the bunker on the right of #17.

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