Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 37 Bunker Restoration

The staff was able to get the three bunkers on #17 nearly completed on Friday.  We still have the outflow trenches to back fill and packed and we have some sodding to do on the right bunker.  We also have some bentgrass collar that needs to be replaced.

We will be cleaning out #1 bunker on Monday, install drainage, sand and sod which will complete the golf course portion of the project.  We still have work to do on practice range and will take care of that as soon as possible.  We will be spending the next couple of weeks checking and cleaning up our work areas, back back fill settled trenches, trimming sod, watering, mowing and other work to get the bunkers and course ready for winter.

Randy moving sand in the left front bunker of #17.

Staff spreading sand in the left rear #17 bunker.

Finishing the sand in the left bunker of #17.

Placing drainage in the right side bunker of #17.

Sodding the right side bunker of #17.

More sod.

Right side bunker #17 nearly complete.  Some sod work around the green and the front edge of the bunker and outflow trench back fill.

The left bunkers on #17 complete except for some drain outflow work and collar sodding next to the green.

Nearly complete, #17.

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