Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

A special thank you to all the mothers out their who helped to shape and share in our lives.  I've been blessed to have a great Mom who raised four sons, two foster sons in high school, and a husband 32 years.  Shared her care and concern for the fortunate and less fortunate through her efforts in health care as well as volunteering in and out of her community.  After the death of my father and her husband, continuing to grow and move forward in her life always striving to do more.  We were having a discussion just a few years ago about life's events and she made a statement that pretty well sums up how she looks at life."Everyone has a special gift or something they are good at doing.  It is up to us to help them find that talent or gift so it can used for the good of the person and everyone around them."  I think that simple philosophy of life sums up my Mom.

Thanks Mom for sharing your life with me, sharing in my joys and comforting me during my sorrows.  Allowing me to live my life with timely guidance but not interference and always demonstrating to me how to live your life through god and giving of one's self to others which brings about great reward and satisfaction.

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