Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cicada Killer, saw my first tunnel in the past couple of days.

The last half of summer is arriving and along with that are the Cicada Killer Wasps.  I saw my first cicada killer den into the side of one of our new bunkers in the past couple of days.  Also, they like to burro into the sides of some of our greens surrounds like #3, 5, and 17.  They will also tunnel on flat ground as well.  Between 16 and near 17 green surround are one of their favorite areas.  Dr. Rick Brandenburg from North Carolina State has an informative video below discussing these insects.  We will normally treat the run with a sprayable insecticide or a powder.  Not a lot we can do about the ones buzzing around the greens and bunkers, sans getting a tennis racket and knocking a few out of mid-air.

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