Monday, August 12, 2013

Needle tining/venting greens, topdressing, brushing and mowing

Weather gave us a little setback today on our venting of the greens, brushing and mowing.  A lack of sun and wind this morning delayed us in dragging in the sand so we could brush and then mow the greens.  When the mowing started, we planned to needle tine/vent our greens.  Lightning and a light rain interrupted our work after lunch but a nice late afternoon/evening clearing allowed us to get a little further along with our work.  We were only able to get the PG, 1-4 needle tined.  We will begin first thing in the morning and do what we can before play requires us to move from the course.  I was able to get the PG, 1-13 brushed and mowed before dew began to fall.

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