Saturday, October 12, 2013

Collar nursery finished and seeded

The staff finished the prep work on the collar nursery near 16 tee.  We reduced the size to make it more manageable.  It was seeded on Friday and should begin to germinate by late next week.  

The greens nursery was mowed for the first time on Friday.   We are mowing it at a little over a 1/10" higher than our regular height of cut.  We will be topdressing the green to help stabilize the plants and protect the crowns from mowing.  We will lower the height of cut  every week or so as growth warrants.  

Staff finished laying fescue sod on the old part of the nursery that was filled with dirt.

Collar nursery seeded and water running to help keep the seed bed moist.

Tom walking mowing the green nursery near 18 tee.  We will mow without baskets for a few weeks to help add a little thatch back to the green.  Also with extra fertilization to encourage growth, the clippings being returned back to the sand will provide some added nutrient value to the new turf.

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