Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Frost/Freeze Delays, Here they come!

As mentioned in a email blast last Friday, frost delays are upon us.  Something none of us like to experience but a necessary requirement to protect our turf from damage.  Delays occur because of the frozen dew that attaches itself onto the plants.  

We ask that all golfers do not begin their rounds until after the designated tee times for this time of year. These times are put in place to protect your facility and create as little inconvenience for our membership as possible.  It is important for all golfers to check with the pro shop for the okay to use the ranges and or putting green before starting their day at the club.  Normally the putting green is one of the first surfaces to clear being at a higher elevation and near the parking lot which holds extra heat.  Guidelines for you to follow are when predicted temperatures are to be around 40 degrees or below, the chances for frost to occur are pretty good.  Especially since our first hole is one of the lower lying areas of the property.  We will try to give the pro shop an estimate on the frost delay if at all possible so if you look outside your window at home and see frost, more than likely there will be some type of delay.  

Below is a great video from the USGA regarding frost delays and the importance of staying off of the turf areas until the frost lifts.

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