Friday, November 1, 2013

Thanks to our Seasonal Staff

Our seasonal staff have finished or in the final stages of their work year here at Glen Echo and I wanted to thank them for their efforts this season.  Randy Brown who came down here about 3 years ago to supplement the work he was doing with the housekeeping staff worked full time for us this season.  Randy within the last week found another job which will offer him full-time year round work with benefits and we are happy for him.  You still might see him working banquets at the clubhouse on the weekends where he will fill in and help Reid.

Michael Geiger began working in early summer for us when we lost a staff member or two.  You know Mike from the pro shop and caddying over the last few years.  This weekend will be his last week for us.  Michael did a great job for us this year.

Jeff Hasekamp has one more week left.  He's done great work for us again this season.  He's been around the business since he was a teen with his Uncle Dan who was the former super as most of you know.  We can always count on Jeff's efforts.

Becky and Nick will be leaving toward the end of the month for the season so they are here for a few more weeks before they are laid off.  In regards to Becky, she is dependable and you know you will get her best effort in taking care of the horticulture operation here at Glen Echo.  From time to time I might have an opinion about something but I learned a long time ago when someone works for you and they know what their doing, get out of their way and let them do their thing.  We provide support for her on occasion but about 99% of what you see out on the course when it comes to horticulture comes from her expertise, drive and sweat.  

Nick spends most of his time spinning around the course on the rough mower which is a mind numbing job. A few hours out on the mower and I think I get a little delirious.  He's out there for 32-40 hours a week on a big, noisy, dusty and dirty mower.

Thanks again to all of our staff because without them, I'd be a crazy little short guy running around not knowing which end is up.

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