Thursday, December 12, 2013

Goodbye Mary

As all of you know, our Controller Mary Martin has accepted a new position and her last day is Friday, December 13th.  She has worked here just short of 4 years but her impact to our operation has been great not only from a work standpoint but as a person.

She started under some tough circumstances but rolled up her sleeves and jumped right in.  It took her a few months to get things under control but she hit the ground running and has not stopped since.  She was new to the golf business but was a quick learner.  She was committed to the membership and her teammates.  She went above and beyond in her short time at Glen Echo.  Halloween hayrides, Breakfast with Santa, Summer holiday gatherings at the club were just a few of the extra duties she took on and helped to launch the book club with Heather.  A testament to her contribution was an overflowing room full of book clubbers and spouses for the final book club meeting that had to be moved out into the main banquet area.

 Thanks Mary for your contributions to Glen Echo CC.  You will not be forgotten!

Dr Seuss so eloquently wrote

"Your leaving?  You're kidding!  It just isn't fair-
your packing up Here and departing for There!

The Heres behind are bummed to the max.
Its hard to accept, but they have to face the facts-
there's nothing the folks Here can do but insist
you'll be warmly remembered and mournfully missed!

Just know, as you're headed off into the blue,
that a big piece of Here will be going with you!
when you've arrived There and completed your quest.
remember those Here wish you only best!

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