Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Play/Removing course supplies

We thought winter had set in the last couple of weeks but the temperatures moderated over the holiday weekend and early this week which forced us to change some of our plans.  I thought I was finished mowing greens for the season but they were a little longer than I like so they were mowed on Monday.  We sprayed our last fungicide application for the season today that will keep our greens clean throughout the winter months.

The staff will be bringing in most of the course supplies over the next couple of days.  We will finish placing two holes in each green today.  The hole locations will be located either in the front, middle or back depending upon the flag color and the second hole will be located across the green from the first hole at the same depth as the first hole location.  Please move the flag stick to the other hole after you have completed holing out. This will help us during winter to spread wear and tear over two hole locations instead of one since the greens usually freeze enough to prevent us from changing holes.  We will also be removing the tee markers and broken tee caddy's to protect them from winter damage.  Please tee the ball from where you would like to play during this time.  This will help to reduce wear and tear on our teeing surfaces as well. Over the next couple of months, we will be bringing in our trash cans and the tee signs for painting as well.

We have left three ball washers on the first, 3rd and 6th holes on both 9's and filled them with windshield washer fluid to reduce their potential for freezing.  We will continue to clean up leaves as they fall and temperatures allow us to get out on the turf.  We have some tree removal planned and hope if some moisture gets into the ground to get some rough aerating completed if possible.  Still a great deal of  work to get accomplished before winter sets in.  

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