Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter Inside Work

Sometimes we are forced inside with the severe cold or heavy snow days.  These type of conditions allow us to complete some of the work that needs to be done before the spring golf season.

Every couple of years we have to spray paint the tee signs, use hand held pneumatic grinder to expose the lettering and paint.
The signs are all spray painted black.  Hanging to dry in the shop area.

Once dry, we take a air grinder and remove the paint from the letters.

The finished product with a little extra flash.

Even though it is small, our staff break room and restroom needs a coat of paint every couple of years.  A great deal of dust, grime, and splashed dirty water from the sink needs to be cleaned off the walls and beautified with a new paint..

New glossy painted walls of the break room and restroom.  Just large enough for a table of 8 to fit into for lunch.  Air conditioned to get the staff out of the heat at lunch time .

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