Thursday, February 27, 2014

Update on warm season plugs

Eight days ago, I pulled some warm season plugs from three different types of warm season turf grass here on the property.  Old picture first, updated picture in the middle  plus a close up of the zoysia plug on the bottom.

2/20/14   Westwood bermuda, Meyer Zoysia, Patriot bermuda

2/28/14  Westwood bermuda, Meyer Zoysia, Patriot bermuda

The Westwood bermuda that was sprayed with Fusilade II is looking very rough.  The middle plug is Meyer Zoysia and the leaves are beginning to grow from the crown area of the plant.  The third plug is Patriot bermuda.  I cannot see any green up at this time in the Patriot but it normally is slow coming out in the spring.  
Close up of zoysia leaves emerging from the Meyer Zoysia plub.

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