Thursday, March 6, 2014

Course Update

The course will remain closed on Friday due to snow on some greens and the profile of most greens are thawed to only 1 1/2"-2" which is not deep enough to prevent root shearing.  Excessive moisture is still trapped above the frozen layer which creates a wet sponge effect to the greens and can lead to severe imprinting from foot traffic on the greens.

This will possibly be the latest first mow that I can remember since I have been in the business.  I would like to roll the greens first and then mow them.  I would expect this to happen Monday or Tuesday if the greens thaw properly and are dry enough to handle equipment

Our hope is to open the course on Saturday but at this time I'm not sure if that will occur.  The sun gas been great over the last few days to melt the snow/ice but the cold temperatures at night freezes the melted material and soil all over again. It will get warmer and before you know it the season will be in full swing.
7 green 3/6 3pm
10 green
11 green.
Little blurry but the probe only went in 2 green to the depth mentioned in the blog.
1 green with snow on the front.

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