Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bermuda suppression product in rough

Sprayed a little over 7 acres of first cut of rough this morning in an effort to suppress some of the bermuda that has popped out in the last few days.  This spray consisted of 1/2 of the product that I use on the fairways at a slightly higher rate.  I sprayed Fusilade II around holes 1-3 and 13, 15-18.  In most cases, it was about 30 feet but I did go a little further out in a couple of areas. The rough will turn slightly off its emerald green color for 7-14 days and will green back up.  The bermuda should turn off color and then red but will come back in 4-5 weeks. If the bermuda would have grown out sooner, I possibly could have gotten a second spray before the heat of summer sets in.  The product is not supposed to be sprayed on the cool season turf during summer. The second spray could also conflict with Member/Guest in mid-June.  I will keep you informed if we decide to do another application.  It can be sprayed again in the fall which we will do this year.

After the rain stops this week, we will spray holes 4-5, 7-8, 10-12. This spray should give us some relief from the bermuda since we mow our rough between 2.5" to 3".  I'll take a couple before and after pictures and post them later next week so you can see the difference in the color of the rough.

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