Friday, April 18, 2014

Fairway bermuda eradication program

(Editors Note, I apologize about the dark print on the body of the message.  I'm posting from home and having a conflict with my normal browser I use and having to work between two browsers.  I copied and pasted from one to the other and it did not transition properly)

Made a video today to discuss the fairway bermuda eradication program.The zoysia grass is coming out of dormancy and in some cases where I sprayed bermuda grass, the zoysia that was mixed in the area is a little slow in greening.  It is green but just not as green as the non-sprayed areas.  Areas such as #1 from above the fairway on the cart path and #3 from the tee show the outlines of some of the areas where the sprayer was turned on and turned off.  The video was taken from the flat area of #7.
We are using a combination of Fusilade II at 5 oz an acre and Turflon Ester at a rate up to 32 oz per acre which has shown in university trials to increase the efficacy of the products than using Fusilade on its own.   The zoysia is tolerant of these chemicals but can turn slightly off color during the application for the first couple of weeks. I would expect the remaining zoysia areas that are off color to be back to normal in the next couple of weeks.  I apoligize ahead but toward the end of the video I must have been covering the mike so the sound does go down slightly so you might need to make an adjustment in your volume.

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