Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Long Range Tee

As you might have noticed, we are not on the grass on the long range.  I've been over seeding with ryegrass the east 1/2 of the tee over the last couple of years to get our weed population under control, namely poa annua and crabgrass.  With the dry fall and very cold winter, the ryegrass is very sparse and the Patriot Bermuda is just starting to peak it's head out.  

In an effort to speed up our growth and get the grass tee open, we are placing a permeable cover over 1/2 the tee.  It will allow moisture and air to pass through but will hold enough heat to get the soil temperatures up and germinate some ryegrass and give the Bermuda a kick.

In the meantime, we hope to open the short range zoysia tee by this coming weekend.
Permeable cover on long range.

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