Friday, April 11, 2014

Sod work today

The staff did some early morning jobs today getting course prepared for play but the rest of the day was spent laying about 300 yards of Fescue sod in a number of areas.  The largest area was the repair of the area behind 15 green which had two trees removed.  The grinding of the stump areas plus bare and or weakened turf area covered approximately 165 sq yards which is approximately 1500 square feet.  Surface roots were removed, old sod remnants were stripped up and the soil was graded and moved around where needed.  Big roll fescue sod was laid and it was watered and roped off. All newly sodded areas should be played as ground under repair over the next few weeks until the sod fully heals.

Skip and Jason loading the old sod remnants from behind the 15th green that were stripped up by Randy with a sod cutter.

The area graded smooth and ready for sod. 

The area was fertilized and then sod laid with big rolls of Fescue/bluegrass. The staff pulls the sod lines together by hand which improves healing time.  The big roll is 40" wide and approximately 95 feet long for a total of 315 square feet.  Big roll sod can allow you to open the area for play much quicker than regular pieces of  sod. There are less seams which shortens the healing and growth time. 

The area completed behind #15.

View fro #13 tee.  The sod is still a little off color but should begin to green up pretty quickly in the next week.  As you can see from the mid ground to the foreground, a lot of Bermuda grass contamination all around this area.

The staff also worked on a number of other ground stump areas which required some extra soil and were then sodded.  Also the drain project from late last fall was repaired as well on #12.  We still have a pallet of sod which will be used for additional repairs that were not completed today.

We also installed the remaining 4 trees that were purchased last week for planting.  I will have pictures and profiles of the trees in the next couple of days when I can get their pictures taken.

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