Monday, April 14, 2014

Tree Management Plan, Four Trees Installed

Over the last few days, the staff installed the four remaining trees that we had purchased for the course. An earlier blog showed the installation of three Merlot Redbuds along #17.

A Swamp White Oak was planted along the left side of #3 about 100 yards from the green.  There is a large Ash tree that is aged and is showing some significant wear in the main trunk area.  There is a second Ash below this tree that is not nearly as old but with the impending  Ash borer invasion, we thought a large hardwood should be started before possibly losing these trees.

The Swamp White Oak planted going up the hill on #3.  The large aged Ash in the background that this tree is replacing.  The Ash will be left in place until it dies or gets damaged by wind.  The next tree up the hill is a large Pin Oak with a great shape.
London plane tree was planted along the right of #16 less than 100 yards from the green just past the row of five Pin Oaks.  The Pin Oak on the end has some severe damage to the crown area where it branches out. I believe a large limb out of the center blew off exposing it to additional insect/carpenter ant damage.  I expect this tree will continue to weaken and will succumb to some wind damage over the next few years.  In the meantime, the London Plane tree that we planted will grow and will fill in this area when the other tree has to be removed.

We made some pruning cuts earlier in the spring but you can see the large damage in the V area that has been exposed and will subject the tree to more damage from pests.

Becky and Skip adding a couple of stakes to this tree.  Don't normally stake but its ball was not in the best of the shape so it needs some support for a year to help it establish.
Black Gum was the next tree that was planted closer toward 16 green just past the two large older crab apples on the right but it is set back and below the green and will not interfere with turf conditions on the green.
16 green is to the right for the Black Gum that was planted.  The two older crab apples are in the background.
The last tree is more of an ornamental variety but will give us good color in the club lawn and a back drop for #9 green.  A Butterfly Magnolia was planted on the club lawn side of 9 green cart path .  It will provide a nice display in the lower part of the club lawn, be visible to the main road and the 9th hole.

The Butterflies Magnolia blooming in the club lawn behind 9 green.

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