Monday, April 28, 2014

Wet course but work does not stop

Wet course after overnight rains but there are always projects that must be accomplished.  Learn to be flexible.

The staff put almost 2 yards of concrete to cover the spillway to 15. Finished picture tomorrow.

Contractor came in and ground our final 5 stumps today. Began the clean up. Hope to back fill with soil and sodded within 7-10 days.

Staff cleaned up the long range walk path today.  Straighten pavers and apply fresh free chipped oak mulch from our tree management plan.

Final work project was pretty major.  Digging out sunken area on main road bridge to determine why it was collapsing. Sinking old concrete roadway was covered by 5-6" of multiple asphalt overlays. Will cover early and have road open by 11 a.m. Evaluating a couple of potential fixes for the 3- 22" drain pipes.

Russ, Tom and Jason assisting Skip to open the bridge covering.
Jason in the area where the old concrete was collapsing.

About a 2' deep hole dug out in preparation for repair tomorrow morning.

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