Thursday, May 1, 2014

New bridge deckings and ornamental beds being touched up with fresh mulch

Promised some finished pictures of the concrete pour on 15 bridge and the asphalt work on the Marvin Pierson Lane bridge repair. A Turkey and mulching round out the pictures below.

Place some heavy duty fabric in the hole to keep gravel in place.  Covered larger gravel with smaller which Jason is packing with our vibratory plate.

A quick fix so we used bagged asphalt for this repair.  Pretty difficult to close bridge down for any length of time since we have many guests using the lane and trying to coordinate with too many people.

Jason packing the asphalt after it has been laid out.

Finished product.  Will seal it in the next few weeks. Tore it out Monday morning and completed before 11 a.m. Tuesday.  Quick job.  Still have to evaluate clay tiles under bridge for potential lining.

The concrete bridge covering on 15 completed.

Looks like we have a Jake Turkey playing around over on holes 2-3 again like a couple of  years ago.

Becky mulching the main entrance beds at the clubhouse.  75 yards of mulch to spread and she is doing most of it herself.  Watches over her plants like a hawk!  Staff has assisted but its mostly her work one cart load at a time.  The staff will do the large area down in the woodland garden on 9 with the chipped mulch for her.  Not too many plants to get in the way down there.

Finished product.  Looks great.  Fine layer, just enough to change color. We don't like big piles of mulch in our beds.  Helps to hold moisture in soil but not create an artificial layer for roots to live within.

Living room bed becoming my favorite.  Lilac trees beginning to pop out.  Smell will be awesome in a few days.

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