Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New cart control measures

If you've been out to play the course in the last week, you might have noticed some stained posts along the cart trail of #4. In years past, we've had some small green stakes with 3/8" green rope which served its purpose in restricting traffic from driving straight from 4 tee cart path to the fairway but looked rather hideous.  Over the winter, the staff prepared the posts that are now out on #4.  We've purchased some 1/2" thick nylon rope which will direct traffic to go down the cart path and up the hill before entering the fairway.  We have placed inserts in the ground that will allow us to remove the stakes during the winter season and during trimming.  We have made the two end section ropes removable so we can spread the wear and tear from cart traffic.  We will have walker access points in their appropriate place.  We have stakes set up for #8 as well to push cart traffic around the corner before entering the fairway.  I hope we can get this work completed before the holiday weekend. A big tip of the day, on every hole carts should enter from the side of the fairway and not the beginning of the fairway.
Looking back toward 4 red tee from top of hill on #4.  The two end ropes can be removed as needed to spread wear and tear from traffic.

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