Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I Guess Sadness Is What I Feel Today

I guess sadness is what I feel today like everyone else watching the events over the last day.

I did want to mention first off that the facility is secure and experienced no issues.  The Normandy police department is in and out of the facility making sure everything stays that way for our staff, members and guests.

I drove through Ferguson on my way to work this morning.  One hundred yards to the south of the Ferguson police station, remnants of damage from last night's horrendous events were not visible at all.  I passed under I-70 and up the hill past UMSL, everything appears normal but we know deep down within the depths of our soul that something has changed.  Driving the streets of Normandy around our facility everything is okay as well.  The facility has not experienced any issues since the protests began in August.

I was encouraged when I drove back through Ferguson a couple hours later seeing people of all shapes and sizes and colors pitching in and trying to help businesses clean up along Florissant Road. Sweeping up glass, trash and remnants from last night's damage.  Companies and individuals are placing the all too familiar boards in place to try to protect the business from the weather and potential future intruders.

Let's hope that peace will set back into our community!

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