Monday, January 12, 2015

December Weather Statistics

December weather statistics were pretty good for us
at Glen Echo. Much improved over November with
some good golfing weather during the month.
Better golf weather and the holiday season activity in
the clubhouse led to the club beating budget for the month,
always a good thing going into the club winter shutdown
and showing a positive trend year to date to last year.

Weather Stats
                            Observed    Normal   Depart from Norm   Last year
Avg Maxi                 44.6            42.5                 2.1                      42.6
Avg Min                   33.1            26.9                 6.2                      29.2
Daily Avg                 38.9            34.7                 4.2                      33.4

Rain                         2.72"           2.84"             -0.12"                   1.96"
Snow                          .2"             4.4"               -4.2"                     5.6"

Records for the month

Tied for the 28th warmest December at 38.9.
Tied for 26th least amount of snowfall at .2".
Rainfall for the date of 12/5 of 1.35" was a record for the date that was previously held from 1960 at .90".

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