Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Driving Range Tee Amenity Improvements

The Long Range Tee should be drastically improved this year with the leveling and installation of the zoysia sod. Golf Pro Barrett had asked if there were funds available, he would like to see some new bag stands purchased for this season. Cost of these stands can range from $ 100 to well over $ 300 for the top of the line wooden.

We were first thinking we would purchase 10 but after assessing the cost, the staff decided that we could make our own as a part of our winter work projects and could make enough for both tees. We have less than $ 25.00 in materials and a little over 2 hours labor in the project including staining the stands. We inserted a cup holder on the top of the stand as well as some slots to allow clubs to be laid against the stand.

We plan to make 25 and the range tee donations will pay for the cost of the materials. On a daily basis, we will use ten on the long range and about six to eight on the short range tee. The extra stands will give us a full supply for larger events.

The metal stands will still be used at the all weather mats and to supplement the wooden stands if needed. The stands will be brought in each winter to store away and refurbish as necessary for each season. Our prototype is below.  We also intend to replace the dividers that are currently used on the tees. They will be built from slightly larger materials.

The guys cutting the materials in preparation for full production of the stands.

Completed stand, looks great!

Ah, looks even better with that bag/color scheme and a cup holder.  

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