Thursday, February 19, 2015

Improvements to the Veranda(upper patio)

The Veranda(upstairs patio) has been pretty much void of color/greenery over the years.  From time to time we would place some pots up there but the space is very large in scale and the pots were too small to fill the space.

We've been in a carpentry mode so I contacted Becky a month or two ago about the potential of us building some planters that could make an impact in this area.  We evaluated it and thought it could provide great improvement to this under utilized area of the club.

The boxes will sit on the large brick/concrete railing around the outside of the veranda.  The planters will begin on the right as you walk out onto the patio.  The first will be 60" long. A second at the corner will be approximately 60" in total length, Three 69" boxes staggered above the willow room and Board Room and a 140" long spectacular double planter will be above what was the Family Room. The boxes will be 13" tall and 17" wide.  Substantial enough to grow nice sized plants and deep enough to prevent the soil from drying out too quickly during the heat of the summer.  We intend to place a automatic water system on each planter to assist Becky in managing these large planters.

The Veranda is a large space that is underutilized at the club.  We believe the boxes and the color of the plant material will not only enhance this area but will also give the clubhouse a great look from the course and or the Marvin Pearson Lane as members and guests drive toward the clubhouse.

Becky plants our urns and other pots on a 3 season schedule.  I think for this season, we will probably plant these for the summer season and will evaluate for additional seasonal plants after we've had a chance to determine what will work best.

Finished planter before staining.  They are 3" taller sitting on the table then what they will be on the railing.  We offset them 3" so the sides will overlap the rail providing some safety for the box as it sits on the wall of the patio.

Tom staining the box.  We used treated cedar to reduce the wood decaying prematurely.

No this is not a coffin, its the inside view of the planter.  60" long.  We lined to planter to protect from decay and also placed 3 drain holes in the bottom with hose attached to catch the water and drain it away from the brick/concrete so it does not stain it.  This planter will be above the ground patio.  We have 3-69" planters for the club lawn side as well as one two section planter which will be 70" a piece for a total of 140".  They should be spectacular. 

Skip and Jason working on the corner planter that will go above the ground patio.

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