Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tree Management Plan

Our contractor is out today topping 3 large trees along #9 club lawn that are severely compromised and have been on our removal list.  The contractor is removing the larger limbs which will make it safer for our staff to then drop the tree.  2 have large wounds/hollows and the 3rd has a large dead leader. Removing this leader places the tree in serious balance issues. It is listing toward the lake with all of its weight which creates a hazardous condition for everyone.  It is also in the way of a drainage project MSD will be performing in the future.
L-R Sweetgum hollow, Sycamore hollow and Sycamore with damage leader and in the way of future construction.
Sycamore near the trash dumpsters.
The tall Sycamore near the lake being removed.
End of a long, cold day for our contractor.  We will be dropping the 3 tree trunks and clean up the remnants over the next few days..

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