Friday, March 20, 2015

Greens and upcoming aeration

Posted a video regarding our greens and the regulator that we are using to reduce the activity of the poa annua. We also aerated 18 green today in preparation of our work next week.

I also sprayed our seedhead suppressant material as well today.  We use a Growing Degree Day Model to determine when to spray the product.  Take the average temperature for the day and subtract that number from the base which is 32.  Add those numbers each day since mid-February.  The range is around 220-500,  I usually spray before we reach 300 growing degree days. Some years it works better than other years but we expect to have around 50% reduction in poa seedheads which helps bump the ball off line when putting over the next couple of months.

The walk off area on 5 green.  Mostly poa annua on this collar. Too much shade folks from too many trees. Need to do some sod removal but my nursery is not strong enough at this time.  Maybe I will shorten some approach bent and use in this spot.

Guys finishing dragging 18 green in our practice run for the aeration coming up Monday.

Final surface.  Looks pretty good.  Vertical mowing lines in the surface as well.

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