Sunday, March 8, 2015

My Wife and My Mistress

No, you've not clicked onto the NY Post website and this is not about an intern and a little blue dress. This is about the most important person in my life who together we will be celebrating 13 years of marriage tomorrow.

Through about as difficult of a year a person could experience, she has shown great courage and strength through some circumstances that would break many.

This post's main focus is to thank her for the support she gives to me in regards to my mistress Glen Echo CC. You all have heard of her. That beast of a course with narrow alley ways between a thousand trees to not very large greens with a little break on almost every putt. The only place to ever host an Olympic Games Gold Medal Match. The place where sunrises everyday see a dedicated group of staff keep the course ready for play for our passionate members and guests who love her like their own.

A golf course is truly an intoxicating place for a superintendent and can be addictive in how it can hold you there on property. I have to plead guilty on many days and later afternoon/evenings to the charge. Her addiction is hard to break. You drive to this hole and you see something that needs to be prettied up and drive to the next hole and see another spot that needs touching up. You want her to look her best at all times. Many times I get caught up in her beauty and forget about what I have waiting for me at home. My bride has experienced on many occassions a phone call home at 5:00 p.m. saying I'm on my way home and another call at 7:30 saying I'm in my truck heading through Ferguson. Most phone calls end nicely but sometimes there's just a slight bit of sarcasm on the other end that I'm still not in my truck.

The long shadows placed by the trees around the many hills and valleys of the course in the evening shows a multitude of beautiful shapes and curves. The sunsets can be spectacular up on 13 looking toward the west. You might not have seen this same beauty in the morning light or mid-day sun. You also see less people in general which adds to her tranquilty and peacefullness.

In closing, my wife has shown great patience in dealing with my mistress not without at times stomping a foot or two and needing to get my attention. The work I do at Glen Echo would not be worth anything if I did not have a beautiful person to come home and share in the efforts I've made at work. So be forewarned, our work will still get done but you might not see me as much with my mistress in the evening shadows so that I can be home with my girl. A little less activity will leave a more peaceful and quite experience for you to enjoy when you come out for a quick 9 holes in the evening.

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