Friday, March 6, 2015

Range Tee Mats Open March 7th, Course Remains Closed Through The Weekend

The range mats will be opened on both ranges this weekend but the course will remain closed. We continue to get nice melting on our surfaces but still more greens areas covered than not and thawing is just beginning. I did check with our neighbors to the North at Norwood and they are closed through tomorrow. Believe they might have to remain closed like us.  Video and photos below.

Illustration of winter shade on a green.  Pin Oak behind 11 green that I have recommended removal because of its proximity to green, limbs now overhang green creating excessive shade between 10-2 every day and during low sun times in fall, winter, spring nearly all day long.

This view is on the left side of the tree pointing up toward 4.  You can see the shade outline of the tree on the side of the picture.  Area at least 20-30' off of green up the hill with snow because of the lack of sun.  This is winter with less leaves on the tree, imagine full of leaves and its only getting bigger, Back of green holds retains water because of lack of sunshine.  Severe wear and tear from walk on and walk off, disease potential and difficult to place hole in these areas because of excessive moisture making for severe spike marks and imprinting of shoes during main golf season.

9 green 2/3 covered.
 7 green, shaded from mid-morning on by trees as you can see with the coverage almost completely engulfing the green.

10 green

2 green, shaded from trees behind green and 3 tee/cemetery property line.
1 green with ponding in front and down the right.

12 and 3 fwys.  

3 green

4 tee
16 tee

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