Thursday, March 12, 2015

Walking on Frosty Greens Does Injure the Turf

Everyone wonders why we have frost delays. I have a good example of why we must stay off turf during frost. I believe these steps across 5 green were made by someone cutting through the property a couple of months ago. The steps go across the green but do not come back and I have not seen them on any other green. The turf was dormant when it happened but the marks are still visible. It will probably take at least a couple more weeks for the footsteps to disappear. Imagine if a person was walking on the green back and forth during putting.

The footstep trail goes to the right of the flag all the way across the green.

Close up view of the turf.  You see very little green in the area of the print.  Look at the green plants in the surrounding area starting to poke there head out and see what is happening.

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