Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Non-selective spray, expanded ornamental planting

There is a long triangle of lawn that borders the parking lot near the champions reserved parking spots. This  area has not been in good shape over the last few years. We have decided to remove it and expand the existing ornamental plantings. I have sprayed this area with non-selective and selective grass killers. We have roped off the area and placed signs asking you to not walk through this area. The chemical can transfer from your shoes to the putting green.

The Hollys that were planted in 06-07 have not thrived and will be removed. We will keep the 2 Fosterii Holly trees at the entrance to the walkway. We will remove the sod in the next 10-14 days and the build the bed. We intend to keep the walk paths allowing you to cut through the area to get from the parking lot to the practice green area.

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