Tuesday, May 12, 2015

First Non Native BeeHive Established At Glen Echo

We have plenty of native beehives on our property. This evening I established our first man eastablished Honeybee hive at Glen Echo. We will have two colonies located between holes 11, 12, and 13 in the native area that we have established over the last few years. As you've seen recently, we've sprayed out the area and intend to sow some wild flowers and little blue stem in this area.

Its kind of a long video but it shows you some of the steps I took to install the hive. The ending was not recorded because my camera tipped over, probably well and good anyway since my installation was not necessarily the smoothest.

I'll make another video for the 2nd and hopefully will improve upon my work.

More information will be forthcoming as I learn it as well. This project is new to my knowledge base and will take some time to understand what is taking place.

Waiting on a train near River Des Peres and Hwy 55. Bee boxes ahead.

A little sugar water for the bees. Much tastier than the sap when it started a few months ago.


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