Friday, May 1, 2015

Long Range Grass Tee Officially Opened Today

The Long Range Grass Tee was officially opened today with the first shots being made by about 1/2 of our 17 member donor group. The grass tee will be open weather permitting on Wednesdays and Friday through Sunday until sometime in June when the turf will be actively growing and can fully recover from divots. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the mats will be used on the Long Range but the Short Range Grass will be open for your grass hitting pleasure.

We still must install a couple of poles and the netting on the Long Range Tee over the next few weeks and time allows.

We are very appreciative of our group of members who donated to this project. Over $ 22,000 was raised and spent on this project.

Mr, Coe, Dr. and Mrs. Herrin, Mr Henderson, Mr Storey, Mr Abel, and Mr and Mrs Muller taking first swings. Mr Todorovich arrived after the first swing. Contributors but unable to attend included  Lockhart, Caruso, Sommer,  Dr Miller, Mr Anthony Bommarito,  Carsten, Pranger, Lueken, Gabel, and May families.

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