Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day

I was blessed to have a great dad. He taught me how to live a good life by example. Hard work, determination, dedication and to be selfless. He demanded that we do the right thing when it came to dealing with people. Giving to others was a part of our families fabric.

 My life as a youngster was a dream. Dad took me everywhere. Scouting trips for ball games, attending ball games as fans, fishing, camping, all the great things kids loved to do. He could do about anything except keep a clean inside of his vehicle, his office and work on 2 cycle pieces of equipment.

If my dad was still alive today, he would be having conversations with me about trees I wanted to remove on the golf course. The gnarliest tree he would say had character. I know he would have great appreciate for this property, he was actually here at Glen Echo with me and my brother when the idea was hatched for me to get into this great business.

I hope you have a great day today and enjoy yourself. I always love seeing our dad's out with their sons/daughters at the club. You are making memories for your child that will last them a lifetime!

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