Thursday, July 23, 2015

Death of Walter Crawford, Founder of World Bird Sanctuary

The news of the death of Walter Crawford, the Founder and Executive Director at World Bird Sanctuary is a great loss for his family, staff, the birds of prey he so loved, and our region.

I had the pleasure of meeting Walter in the late 90's when I contacted his organization about monitoring blue bird houses for me at Eagle Springs Golf Course. He came out and I met with him and another member of his team to discuss their program. A nice man, passionate about is work and a great defender of birds of prey.

I remember on many occasions watching Walter at ball games or riding a float at the Rose Parade with one of his great feathered friends. Tens of thousands of young people throughout our region over the years were given their first introduction to these great birds at field days to the center or to many other events in which the center brought birds for people to see. There are probably many in their 20's-40's who Walter helped give their first and best impression of these beautiful birds during one of the many children events.

I'm sure his dream will go on with the dedicated staff and volunteers who are so passionate about their work. You are now soaring with the Eagles Walter!

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