Thursday, July 2, 2015

What Is The Landscape Fund?

New multiple bed planting near pro shop
Years ago a fee was approved to charge members $25 once per year which was placed in the Tree Fund. As the years have progressed, our landscape has become dominated by trees and the need for trees has been reduced. The fund is now called the Landscape Fund and is being used to rejuvenate existing ornamental plantings on the property, planting trees as the need arises, and establishing new beds.

Over the past couple of years, we have built new beds at 13 tee, the pro shop, planted 10 trees on property, established a new screen planting at 6 green and expanded/replaced two of the plantings at the back patio. Since the start of 2015, we have spent $5,000 to construct the planter boxes on the veranda,  the new construction/planting at the pro shop and purchased the limestone planter for the Pearson Plaza. This fall or next spring we intend to improve the Sun-room planting bed.(we call it the bubble). Becky, our horticulturist and I agree that the Principals of Landscape Design should be emphasized and our focus should be on year round interest in our beds emphasizing form, variety, and sequencing. We hope this will provide greater enjoyment for you and the many guests who attend events at the club throughout the year.

Upon my arrival in 2008 at the club, the landscape around 9 lake with the Woodland Garden on the dam side of the lake and the ornamental planting of the tee side were overgrown with weeds. Since that time we have made efforts to improve this area which is the largest total continuous planting at the club. Becky has moved plants from other beds as we've replaced plants and has worked hard at weed control. In an effort to reduce costs, we utilize chipped tree limbs that have been ground up from our property. Since this area has highly visible by both our members and guests, it is important that this area look its best.

This fall/winter, we intend to start a tree nursery behind the 17th green. My thoughts are that we would establish 6-8 trees in this area which will be used to grow trees for 5-10 years and then contract with a company with a large spade to move these trees to areas where trees trees are significantly aged or compromised. A golf course architect, superintendent and green committee will be involved in the placement of these trees and a majority of trees planted in the future at this club. Our goal is to keep green and tee complexes in as much full sun as possible and to improve sunlight to fairways whenever possible. Some of this work can be completed by not fence lining trees but staggering trees so light can enter these areas for longer periods of time.  Also understanding the path of the sun in all seasons and the shape and size of grown trees is important so that turf grass and trees can co-habituate peacefully without a caretaker like myself wanting to remove the offending party!
Placing 80' trees on the east and western exposure of a fairway will lead to a shaded and weakened fairway. You will wonder why there is very weak zoysia and I will be praying for lightning to help me remove the tree.

New planter box on the veranda

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