Thursday, August 27, 2015

Update on Bermuda Eradication Work

We continue to see progress in our Bermuda grass eradication efforts. I realize there are a few patches of red grass out there from the Bermuda going off color. There is a great deal more carnage going on throughout the large areas of mostly solid Zoysia that you cannot see as well. Millions of wannabe big patches are being stopped in their tracks in our effort to get this situation under control. We've sodded 240 yards, over 2000 square feet of fairways space in the last two weeks with new turf where the voids are too large to expect the Zoysia to fill in. The largest patches we currently have are around the 150 yard mark on #10 which we will remove next week and some areas on #16, especially toward the green.

As mentioned in the video below, we are beginning to go after some of our green collar and approach contamination and green/bunker surround areas with a product that is showing great promise at very low rates. More discussion about that early next week and the symptoms of this spray begin to take effect. For our Bermuda puller, this should be good news. We will have to backpack spray a few areas that have Zoysia that butts up against the collar and the Bermuda. The spray material also has negative active on the Zoysia so we do not want to create injury to it. These of course are multiple application sprays that will be repeated about every 3 weeks until dormancy. Coming out of dormancy next spring we will hit them again in an effort to set them back or kill them as we get into spring.

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