Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Its that time of year to put the course at rest,
we've worked very hard and gave it our best.

The greens were poked and prodded and had rolled no better, we followed our program right down to the letter.

The zoysia fairways started slow but turned on a dime, they were so consistent you might of thought they were fake part of the time.

We sprayed the bermuda and sprayed and sprayed, we might think it is gone but it will never go away.

The leaves have been falling like rain from the sky,
we blow and we grind, my oh my.

Its that time of season for the clubhouse to shine,
with the holiday parties everyone having a good time.

Hopefully you are with your family today on this Thanksgiving Day,
thanks to all of you for what you do for us, it takes everyone to be on board this Big Glen Echo Bus!

We will see you not as often during the winter break,
but hope to see you back again this spring when the ice is off the lakes.

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