Monday, February 22, 2016

Stump Grinding Completed Today

Tim Crews from Crews Grinding Services from Springfield, MO came in today and ground the stumps from the trees we have removed so far this winter. We still have a few more trees in play areas to remove and a few along 3 fenceline that we will be saving to last. It took Tim a little over 3 hours to grind about 12 smaller stumps and 12 others that were pretty large(3' up to 8' in diameter). We will use some of the dirt material to throw back into the holes and will remove the parts that are mostly chips to reduce the amount of settling within the hole. Over the next few weeks we will cover them with topsoil and then sod so they will be healed in by the time the summer heat arrives.

We removed a couple of the smaller ground stumps this afternoon. The crew will work full speed ahead tomorrow trying to get the remaining material picked up before the rain and snow comes in overnight Tuesday into Wednesday. Wet and packed soil is much harder to deal with than the loose material we have right now.

Interesting note, Tim was going to a couple of other clubs after Glen Echo where he was going to be grinding over 100 stumps between the two clubs by the end of the day tomorrow.

Did a little slow motion action on the grinder at the 8' diameter tree along #4. Kind of a cool look at the chips flying.

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