Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thank You To Food and Beverage Manager Reid

I just wanted to take a moment to recognize long time employee Reid Warren who is leaving Glen Echo to go back home to his roots in Nebraska. Reid is truly one special human being. Kind, gentle, soft spoken and a truly hard working member of our team at Glen Echo. Beth and I have had the privilege of attending many functions at Glen Echo and we have seen first hand his hard work and dedication to this club, its members and guests.

We have also attended many wine dinners during our time at Glen Echo and Reid has been the main presenter at all of these dinners. He has shared a rich knowledge of wine and made every effort to make these evenings a special event.

When he became food and beverage manager a few years ago, I think there were many days and nights that he might have spent more time on the floor waiting tables and helping staff then he did when he solely waited tables. He had to pull himself off the floor and move to his desk to do the business side of  his job which took a great deal of time as well. I think if you asked him, he enjoyed the service and serving part of his job more than anything.

Reid was a regular player on the course when we did not have Monday outings. He would tool around the course many times on his own and sometimes would hook up with other staff members when they arrived. He really enjoyed the game and your course.

Reid was also given the unenviable task of having to control Lady from time to time. Some folks just might not understand a dog coming and sitting at their table waiting for a handout. He was my point guy at the clubhouse to ask if he had seen her. Yeah, I had to let her out a few minutes ago. It was hard to keep a girl away from a party. I appreciate your patience in dealing with her, if she found one door closed, she would always look for another one that was open.

Beth and I were so excited to come to his party that we came a week early. That's for another time.
But anyway, his party is Friday, April 29th, you should be attending!!

We've had the pleasure of seeing his wife Rhonda at various functions at the club and privately away from Glen Echo. A great lady in her own right.  

Good luck to you, Rhonda and kids on your next adventure Reid. It's been a pleasure working with you. We will miss you here at Glen Echo CC.

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