Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Job Change, How WIll The Golf Course Operate

As announced on 8/23, I will be serving a joint role as General Manager and Superintendent at
Glen Echo CC. I'm grateful for all the support you have given me after the announcement. It means that the sacrifices made over the last 8 years were recognized by our members and guests.

I wanted to give you a little idea of what will take place during the transition from the Superintendent to the combination position of General Manager/Superintendent. I think we have the golf course positioned for a spectacular end of the summer and fall. We are currently running two staff members below our summer level and a third working at about 50%, from an injury plus you include the time I'm not here working, yikes I'm beginning to get nervous. The guys know there roles and we do what it takes to keep the place tight!

35 year employee/Assistant Skip will be manning the daily operational part of the team. I will still be doing some early morning shifts during the busiest times, Wednesdays, Friday, Saturday to make sure we have enough people to keep our positive momentum going.

I've promoted Tom Lewis, to 2nd Assistant to give Skip a hand with the weekend responsibilities and daily work that takes place at the club. We've also moved a couple guys up in positions which has either given them more days working and or increases in pay. These things have all been managed with the same budget.

We will probably hire at least one additional seasonal person next year to help with my full departure from the operating part of the operation. I still intend to manage the business side, make the major cultural practice decisions including but not limited to fertilization/chemical treatments, mowing, topdressing, irrigation, aeration and other programs. I'll be usually arriving a little later than the 5:45 am. arrival time but will still be there earlier enough to lend a hand as necessary. I will walk and or drive the course to check our conditioning practices and support the staff anyway I can.

I know we have some challenges in the big house along with improving the business side of our club.
Don't lose faith in us. We will get things turned around quickly and give you a club in all aspects that you deserve. The hard work by our team along with the praise and support from our members and guests has pushed us to levels that some might have not thought possible.

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