Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Irrigation Shutdown 2016

The staff and myself, (yep big dog helped the boys) spent the afternoon shutting down the irrigation system Monday for the winter. The process starts with of course turning off the power to the pumps. There are 4 2" pipes that lead into our 4 lakes that are used to help self-drain some of the areas of the irrigation system. The less water the machine has to blow out, the less time it takes to do the job. We open our wash station valve since from up above the lakes flows toward the creek along 1-2 and we will remove a head or two in a couple more of the lowest areas on the course.

As you see from the video I'll post below, we use a large compressor that is regulated to 50psi so we do not place excesssive pressure into our system. Its places a large volume of water in the pipes quickly pushing the water through the pipes. Air with high pressure can be very destructive to the system if the pressure is set too high creating cracks in the system that will show up with our opening next season and or over the next few years. We turn on stations in each box, a couple at a time. We will usually do about 4 boxes at a time. Sometimes, the head blows out air right away and other times it might takes minutes depending upon the area and how water feeds to that section. Its about a 3-4 hour job.

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