Sunday, February 12, 2017

Maple Sap to Maple Syrup

We don't have a large supply of Maple Syrup this year to provide any for breakfast but we do have enough for Chef Brian to do some magic with in the kitchen.

The lack of consistent above 32 degree day temps and below 32 degree night temps reduces the proper sap flow required to provide us with large enough quantities of sap to give us a large supply of total syrup that can be used. 43 gallons of sap to make one gal of syrup. We will have about 60 gallons of sap which will make us a little over a gallon of syrup.  As temperatures warm and bud break begins to occur, the saps flavor changes and is not suitable for consumption.

A couple videos I've made over the last couple of days.  One for fun, the other to entice you with the smell of this beautiful naturally occurring product produced right here on the grounds at Glen Echo. Close your eyes and imagine the wafts of this light, natural tasting maple syrup drizzled across some Pork or in a dessert, Yummy!

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