Friday, April 28, 2017

3 Tee Renovation and Zoysia Repair on Approaches

The staff slammed out the work earlier in the week regarding the renovation of #3 white/blue tee. It was laser-leveled by Schaefer-Meyer company on Monday and the staff laid the sod on Tuesday. We narrowed the front of the tee and pointed it properly toward the fairway instead of down the right woods and fence line. I would think it will be ready for play within 3 to 4 weeks.

We also repaired the damage in front of 1 approach and 2 approach on Wednesday before the rain hit that evening. We still have some weakness in a couple of other spots that might take some replacement. We have some extra sod in the parking lot waiting to be laid as necessary when things dry out.

Area in front of 2 green. Same thing was done in  front of 1. 3 is a little weak but a majority of that material is growing back.

Tee was leveled to drain f ront to back and off to the right. We softened the walk off area a little and also will be able to extend the tee ground back a couple of yards.

Mike McNeil painting shape of the tee.

Staff tightening up the sod after it was laid.

This pick is looking front to back. We made the tee more regular rectangular in shape and lost teeing ground on the front so tee would be pointing the proper alignment for players.
Watering the sod. Got a little toasty but will be good after all of the rain we are receiving.

The arrow from a video regarding the old tee. You can see how it aligned down the fence line instead of the fairway. In the pictures above you can see how the tee has been turned to the left to align itself down the center fairway line from the center of the tee.

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