Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tee Weed Control

We sprayed about 1 acres worth of Zoysia tees with a material that has turned them off color as illustrated in the pictures below. I've also attached a blog post from 2014 where we spot sprayed tees and you can see the off-color tinge in the back of the blue tee on #1. Since 2014, the weed that we are trying to control 'Kylinga' has spread to many of our tees. We are using a combination product which assists us with crabgrass control and will give us control on the Kylinga. We will have to spray the product again in 30 days or so to get any additional or new plants as they emerge. Other courses have had excellent success with this product. The yellowing will dissipate in about 7-10 days.

Blue tee on 1

Red Tee on 10

Below is the link to the blog in 2014 which illustrates the off color spot spray that we did.

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