Monday, March 19, 2018

Aeration of Greens Dry-Ject Week

Spring is upon us so it's time for some inputs to our greens to help bring about strong and vigorous plants that will thrive during the summer season. Our first application is a process called Dry-Ject. This process shoots a bead of water with sand penetrating the green surface and going to a depth of 4-5". This process will:

  • Stimulate root and shoot growth,
  • Improve surface drainage and water penetration
  • Dilute thatch and build a mat layer which is a proper combination of sand and diluted thatch which assists in proper sized ball marks on our greens. Too much thatch, soft greens and too little can provide no protection for growth area of the plant. See below
  • Provides additional sand on the surface of the greens to smooth blemishes and covers the crown of the plant. The crown is the key growth area of the plants where's shoots grow up and out and roots grow down. If this area becomes damaged shoot and root growth of the plant will be disrupted
I have a video of the process with some discussion. Brushing of the greens and a little ball roll out demo.

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